Monday, August 10, 2015

Far Beyond Behind that Hill

Far away in the distant hill
The golden red sun lies still
Making the sky appear lesser blue
With the shades of light red hue.

Far down into the depths of these hill
The bluish green river flows until
Joining into the great sea
And loses it's value of originality.

Alone am I here enjoying these beauty
The wind gushes through the same old tree
And gently swift across my face
 Never again forgetting to give me solace.

Far beyond behind that hill
Some unexplored world exist as I feel
Where age-old culture and tradition is still not lost
And happiness and tranquility is at it's true utmost
Untouched and untamed by modernisation
There exist, to me, my true Bhutanese nation.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


My thoughts will come to thee when far will I go
So far that I won’t come back.

May be I didn't existed in thy heart until now
And I now will become a memory to thee 
Thee will remember our talks and conversations
But I can’t come to meet thee then

It will hurt to think about me
But thee won’t see me then

Thee I love more than anything
Yet I can’t ever be able to prove it

Give hold to my love when,
When at last breath I’ll ask

If thee remember; come out and look up
In the inky night sky I would have become a twinkling star

Very far beyond thy reach I would have gone
But I’ll have left my heart here with thee

Don’t shed tears remembering me
Or else I won’t be at peace
Rest in in peace!