Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who am I???

Who am I?
What am I doing here?
Where am I heading to?

 I am no different from others. I too have my own definition of life. Like any other I am an ordinary boy who is called by the name, Kinley Chophel but my friends know me as Kessie. I have my roots in Kangpara as my parents are from there. I am the eldest of the three siblings and being the eldest I had to shoulder many responsibilities and help my parents in running the daily household chores.
I am a boy who likes to live in the wild imaginations. I would laugh as well and deep inside; I would yet find myself so alienated from the external world. I live in the small four-walled vastness of my mind. I am often jolly but sometimes I get really moody. I fail to understand the sudden swings in my moods. One day, I would be brimming with joy and happiness, while another would see me down in the dumps with feelings of depression overpowering me. I am a bit hesitant person and so I dislike attending public gatherings. I believe I have low self-confidence which disables me to showcase myself in front of the big crowd.     
Coming to Sherubtse College and pursuing BA Media Journalism and English, this is my second term and as I examine myself thoroughly casting a backward glance at my life, I realized that I have made many mistakes and I have learnt from it. At some point in life I had always felt I have that fire to be a good freelance writer. And my passion for writing has brought me this far to this very institute. Struggling really hard with assignments and trying to meet with the attendance I have managed to make it to second semester and it is almost coming to end too.
Like everybody after graduating with good degree certificate, I have my own dreamt future which I want to make it a concrete reality. I want to render my fullest service to Tsa-Wa-Sum at first and secondly to support my parents and make them proud of their boy. I will strive hard to the best of I can and I shall be a good freelance writer someday. I also wish to publish novels of my own. I admit it can be a difficult task but what keeps me alive is the fact it’s not impossible.